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An Evolution in Socket Technology

Today, thousands of soldiers as well as civilian adults and children are left without their homes and families, and have lost limbs as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Xtremity has supported various Ukrainian charities in efforts to help with the ongoing need for prosthetic devices and care. One of these organizations, the Protez Foundation, is actively addressing the need for prosthetic devices and amputee care by bringing soldiers to the U.S. for treatment, training Ukrainian prosthetists, and establishing and supplying prosthetic clinics in Ukraine.

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Finally, a transtibial socket that’s heat-adjustable...


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Fabricate a Thermoformable Socket in 1 Hour

Fewer appointments, quicker adjustments, and a shorter time to delivery provides patients with more time to do what they enjoy. 

O&P providers can heat, thermoform, trim and assemble the XtremityTT® socket in about one hour. When the residual limb changes, the prosthetist can spot-heat the socket to quickly resolve fitting issues.

Innovative, Cutting Edge Technology

The XtremityTT® is an unparalleled and revolutionary product in the O&P space. 

Our unique socket “preform” is injection molded using a proprietary carbon reinforced polymer. It replicates the strength and durability of a carbon fiber laminated socket, but with the added benefits of much quicker fabrication, ongoing adjustability, and improved comfort.

Most Tested Definitive Socket Ever

XtremityTT® has surpassed 30 million+ steps from multiple patients on varying terrain doing all different kinds of activities. 

It has undergone rigorous durability and thermal testing, with all componentry meeting ISO 10328 standards.

A 38-patient IRB-approved clinical trial reported undeniable clinical benefits.

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Benefits to O&P Clinicians

Our thermoformable definitive socket technology is changing the future of prosthetics.

Quicker Fabrication Time

You can heat, thermoform, trim, assemble and have the socket ready to fit in only 60-75 minutes.

Durable and strong like a traditional carbon socket, but better.

Heat Adjustability

Spot-heat for quick and easy adjustments in about 10 minutes, for the life of the prosthesis.

Safer Fabrication

XtremityTT® uses fewer materials and reduces waste, making it a more environmentally friendly fabrication method. The injection molded “preform” is made from a proprietary blend of carbon-infused polymer that eliminates variables and reduces hazardous exposures (chemicals, fumes, carbon dust) associated with current layup, lamination and grinding of a carbon socket.

Precision & Ease of Use

Up to 16mm total slide and 30° of rotation adjustment. Modular and inter-changeable suspension systems (pin-lock, suction, and vacuum options). 

Real Patients, Real Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re going to be fully transparent: the XtremityTT® Socket System is not the cheapest option out there. Your up-front costs will be more than fabricating a carbon fiber laminated socket in-house. Allow us to explain why. 

We set out to solve a problem: ongoing adjustability of prosthetic sockets that takes a fraction of the time to fabricate. We believe patients with transtibial limb loss/difference deserve access to socket technology that isn’t decades old and that offers meaningful improvements to adjustability, comfort, and convenience.

Not only does our system solve this problem, saving patients countless hours of discomfort and multiple fitting appointments — it also saves you, the clinician, precious time to run your clinic, grow your business, enjoy work-life balance, and more.

Now you are able to heat, thermoform, trim, assemble, and have the prosthesis ready to fit in less than an hour, and your patients can walk out comfortably in their newly fitted prosthesis.

What will you do with the time you save? See more patients? Get home early to your family? Start a new hobby? The possibilities are endless.

Contact us for a quote and to learn more about adding this life-changing technology to your clinic.

XtremityTT® utilizes a unique socket “preform” that is injection molded using a proprietary carbon reinforced polymer. Our system is fabricated, eliminating variables and reducing hazardous exposures (chemicals, fumes, carbon dust) associated with the layup, lamination and grinding of a traditional carbon socket. 

Our unique polymer blend provides the durability of a carbon fiber laminated socket, while achieving the benefits of adjustability and rapid fabrication.

The XtremityTT® Socket System is the most tested definitive socket ever. 

  • Patient Tested & Approved: XtremityTT® has over 30 million steps from all types of users, conditions/terrains, and activities.
  • Meets & Exceeds Industry Standards: XtremityTT® is setting the standard for socket testing. The socket has passed rigorous durability and thermal testing. All materials componentry have passed ISO 10328 standards.
  • Clinical Trial Success: A 38-patient IRB approved clinical trial reported major benefits.

In short, yes — it’s durable.

The XtremityTT® Socket System benefits transtibial patients in so many ways, including:

  • Shorter time to delivery — your prosthetist can fabricate your socket in as little as one hour!
  • Less fitting and adjustment appointments = less time away from work and family
  • More comfortable fit with softer edges and less rigid feel that is heat-adjustable to conform to your limb as it changes. Ongoing adjustments can be made by your prosthetist in just 10 minutes.
  • In a 38-patient clinical trial, when the sockets were duplicated, 81% of patients preferred their XtremityTTTM Socket over their carbon fiber laminated socket.

Ask your prosthetist to get the XtremityTT® Socket System today! 

All our products are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.