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We believe patients with transtibial limb loss/difference deserve access to socket technology that isn’t decades old and that offers meaningful improvements to adjustability, comfort and convenience.

More Comfort, Less Pain

Being able to have your prosthesis easily adjusted in just a few minutes anytime your residual limb changes means more comfort, less pain, and increased mobility. 

XtremityTT® provides a more comfortable fit with softer edges and a less rigid feel. In a 38-patient clinical trial, 81% of patients preferred XtremityTT® to a carbon fiber laminated socket.

Fewer Appointments

The XtremityTT® Socket can be fabricated by your prosthetist, in their office, in about an hour. Fewer appointments means less inconvenience, transportation hassles, and expense — and more time to do what you enjoy… with comfort. 

Longer prosthesis use

The XtremityTT® Socket System can be heat-adjusted for the life of the prosthesis. This means you don’t have to get an entirely new socket each time your needs change. 

Early Intervention

Fitting issues can be taken care of in minutes, reducing the risk of minor issues turning into major health events that require treatment, healing time, and time without your prosthesis.

Real Patients, Real Stories

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How to Talk to your Prosthetist about XtremityTT®

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