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XtremityTT® Preform Socket

The XtremityTT is a carbon infused polymer socket preform that can be thermoformed over a positive limb model. Each socket preform is injection molded with a distal base that is connected to a modular suspension system. Once formed, the socket can be heated and adjusted to accommodate evolving needs of the patient’s limb, ensuring maximum comfort.

We offer 7 different sizes which includes standard and conical (+) profiles. Socket size is determined using 3 measurements and our sizing chart or by entering your measurements into our digital sizing calculator.

Fill value and check size

Sizing Calculator

Each Socket Kit consists of the Socket Preform and an Alignable Base. Suspension systems are modular and fit snugly into the Distal Base of the socket. Suspension systems are ordered separately in addition to the Socket Kit. 


Sizes: 26, 26+, 29, 29+, 32, 32+ and 35

*(+) indicates conical profile

Suspension Options:

Pin-Lock, Suction, Vacuum (vacuum pump not included)

Recommended L Codes: 

Base Codes:

L5301 – BK endoskeletal molded socket
L5700 – BK socket replacement
L5330 – Preparatory BK socket 


L5671 – Locking mechanism
5647 – Suction mechanism

Additional Socket Codes:

L5910 – Alignable system

L5637 – Total Contact

L5940 – Ultralite

Optional codes if used:

L5645 – Flexible inner liner

L5668 – Molded distal cushion


Sizing Video

Full Fabrication Video w/o Distal End Pad

Full Fabrication Video w/ Distal End Pad

Base Plate Assembly Video

Patient Testimonial – Laci

Patient Testimonial – Stuart