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BioWorld: Xtremity steps out with $8.1M fundraising round for its adjustable prosthetic socket

Xtremity lifestyle

Medical Creations Inc., dba Xtremity, raised $8.1 million in a series B3 financing round to develop a transtibial prosthetic socket, the Xtremitytt. The socket is designed to enable rapid fabrication and adjustments by using a carbon-reinforced polymer that can be shaped and reshaped in the clinic rather than require use of outside facilities.

“Xtremity was formed to re-envision prosthetic development and to transform care for individuals living with limb loss or limb difference,” said Xtremity President and CEO Maynard Carkhuff. “[T]his financing will be crucial in launching Xtremitytt and expanding our company.”

The latest round brings the total funds raised by the Denver-based company to date to $27.5 million. The series B round began in April 2021. With the closing of the B3 component, the round generated $15.6 million, Carkhuff told Bioworld. The company noted that the B3 round included a number of prominent new investors as well as “strong insider participation,” but it is not releasing the names of the investors at their request.

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