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Tech Briefs: Building a Better Prosthetic to Restore Mobility for Amputees


Xtremity Clinical Director Tres Wright recently sat down with Tech Briefs for an insightful discussion about the technological innovation of the XtremityTT Socket System.

With the goal of tackling the need for prosthetic devices and their associated care, Denver-based medical device company Xtremity has developed thermoformable socket technology and cost-efficient fabrication processes that aim to have an impact on individuals with transtibial limb loss/difference, as well as the prosthetists who help them.

While prosthetic technology has seen incredible advancements over the past three decades, the socket, one of the device’s most important parts, has remained relatively unchanged, Xtremity’s Clinical Director Tres Wright told Tech Briefs. The socket — the part of the prosthesis that surrounds and supports the patient’s residual limb — is responsible for maintaining the comfort and function of the artificial appendage.

“Because it is such an integral part of a prosthesis, it’s also generally the source of any discomfort or inconvenience that amputees have with their prostheses,” he added. “Our team set out to alleviate this pain by establishing an innovative approach to an antiquated process. Our socket technology dramatically shortens the delivery time for the prosthesis and allows for rapid adjustments as the limb changes.”

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